Board No: 1
Dealer: N, Vul: Nil
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North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW  
1 Mavis Latham / Valerie Nicholson1 Ky Khan / Joan Rosemeyer3D S2H9110  195 
2 Lorraine Rea / Alan Tolley3 Jean Hill / Dorothy A Jones2NT N3H8120  240 
3 Satish Bedekar / Mike Mahon5 Lynne Errington / Joanna Tennyson2H EAD8 110 321 
4 Ann Syddall / Barbara Hendrie7 Maria Pirajno / Armanda Torre3D S3S9110  195 
5 Jennifer Skinner / Christine Jenkins9 Patricia Newman / Sandra Butler3D STC9110  195 
6 Maurice Delich / Rodney Culbertson11 Lyn Mol / Melissa Underwood2D S2H890  1410 
7 Peter McCann / Trevor Burr13 Tuya Cooke / Katrina Will2H E7H8 110 321 
8 Christine Ross / Judy Havas2 Debbie James / Joan Schneider4D S2H7 150 024 
9 Michael Lawes / Magda Lawes4 Jean Muller / Margaret Szymakowski4D S6D9 50 915 
10 Ingrid Fredericks / Avryl Atkins6 John Bayly / Linda Reading4S EAD950  1212 
11 Christine Smitham / Helen Hyland8 Patricia Moore / Carol Kelly3D STC7 100 618 
12 Pauline Coulter / Ross Blakey10 Valerie Hildebrand / Lorraine Poynton3D SAS9110  195 
13 Beata Bieganski / Lilia Male12 Christine Bacon / Jo Dundas3D S2H8 50 915 

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Deal file from database
BD: 1S T87Dlr: N
H KJ84Vul: Nil
D 7
C Q9862
S AJ63 S Q542
H Q962 H AT53
D T64 D KJ
C T5 C A73
S K9
H 7
D AQ98532
N22---  6 
S22--- 7 14
E--331  13 

Replay with Bridge Solver

2NT by NS=1201
3D by NS=1104
2D by NS=901
4S by EW-1501
4D by NS-1-501
3D by NS-1-501
3D by NS-2-1001
2H by EW=-1102
4D by NS-3-1501

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