Board No: 1
Dealer: N, Vul: Nil
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North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW  
1 Joe Peci / Anthony Eardley1 Sharon Dyball / Bernie Plath3NT W2S5200  220 
2 Ingrid Fredericks / Gwen Kremer3 Elaine Perry / David King2D E8H9 110 418 
3 Elsie Chua / Noriko Sakashita5 Shirin Mofakhami / Soussan Abouzari1NT W2H8 120 121 
4 Graham Milward / Allan Doig7 Ken Partridge / Margaret Carter-Pyne1NT W3S650  1012 
5 Ross Blakey / Olive Woolley9 Ria Knight / Faye Shelton3SX N9D8 100 616 
6 Pravin Aggarwal / John Ruane11 Jeanette Fink / Merilyn Letts4D EQS950  1012 
7 Lillian Haagensen / Alan Rolls13 Judy Clear / Nancy Woodward4D EAC950  1012 
8 Tuya Cooke / Jenny Dawson2 Robert Audas / Faye Snelling1NT W2H8 120 121 
9 Peter McCann / Jairo Giraldo4 De'arn Alexander / Connie Coltrona3S SKC9140  166 
10 Pat Rowland / Rena Gold6 Gill Blakey / Sue Scudder3H W3S6150  193 
11 Helen Hyland / Beryl Morris8 Dorothy Jones / Christine Martin2NT WJS6100  148 
12 John Beddow / Chris Bagley10 Lyn Mol / Linda Reading3NT W3S6150  193 

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Deal file from database
BD: 1S J9532Dlr: N
H K542Vul: Nil
D T2
C 94
S AK S 76
H AJ63 H QT9
D J75 D K9864
C KQ62 C JT8
S QT84
H 87
C A753
N---3-  4 
S---3- 18 6
E121--  12 

Replay with Bridge Solver

3NT by EW-42001
3H by EW-31501
3NT by EW-31501
3S by NS=1401
2NT by EW-21001
4D by EW-1502
1NT by EW-1501
3SX by NS-1-1001
2D by EW+1-1101
1NT by EW+1-1202

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