Session Times

MONDAY12:30pm4:00pmDirected by David Burn
 7:00pm10:30pmDirected by Peter Stephenson, Matthew Bampton
TUESDAY 8:30am11:30amSupervised Session - no partner required.
Directed by a Duty Director.
 12:30pm4:00pmNo partner required
Directed by Wim Wouts
WEDNESDAY12:30pm4:00pmDirected by Graham Milward
 7:00pm10:30pmDirected by Peter Wilson
THURSDAY12:30pm4:00pmDirected by Gwen Kremer / Bill Kemp
 7:00pm10:30pmDirected by Peter Stephenson, Matthew Bampton
FRIDAY12.30pm4.00pmDirected by Bruce Penhey
 12:30pm4:00pmRestricted session for players with less than 50 masterpoints.
SATURDAY12.30pm4..00pmDirected by Bruce Penhey / John Bayly
 8:30am11:45amOn 4th Saturday of each month (other weeks, lessons and supervised play).
Directed by Wim Wouts.

Table fees - members $4.00, visitors $8.00.
These are START times. Please be seated 10 minutes prior.
Please ring the partner co-ordinators on the Contact page if looking for a partner.