Session Times

MONDAY12:30pm4:00pmDirected by David Burn, Chris Price.
 7:00pm10:30pmDirected by Peter Stephenson, Ted Roscoe.
TUESDAY 8:30am11:30amDirected by David Cowell, Chris Price, Peter Wilson, Desmond Warner. Supervised Session - no partner required.
 12:30pm4:00pmDirected by Wim Wouts, Desmond Warner - no partner required.
WEDNESDAY12:30pm4:00pmDirected by Graham Milward, Peter Stephenson.
 7:00pm10:30pmDirected by Peter Wilson
THURSDAY12:30pm4:00pmDirected by Bill Kemp,Gwen Kremer.
 7:00pm10:30pmDirected by Peter Stephenson, Matthew Bampton.
FRIDAY12.30pm4.00pmDirected by Bruce Penhey, David Cowell. Includes a session for players with less than 50 masterpoints.
SATURDAY12.30 pm4.00 pmDirected by John Bayly, Ted Roscoe.
 8.30 am11.45 amDirected by Wim Wouts on the fourth Saturday every month. Alan Doig other Saturday mornings for lessons and supervised play.
SUNDAY12.30 pm4.00 pmDirected by Wilhelmina Dadour, Gwen Kremer, Desmond Warner, Bruce Penhey. No Partner Required.

Please ring the partner co-ordinators on the Contact page if looking for a partner.
Table fees - members $4.00, visitors $8.00.
Players must be seated 10 minutes prior to the starting time.