Session Times

MONDAY12:30 pm4:00 pmROOKIE Session (<25 Masterpoints).
Directed by Peter Wilson
 7:00 pm10:00 pmDirected by Peter Stephenson or Ted Roscoe
TUESDAY 8:30 am11.45 amNOVICE Session (<100 Masterpoints). Directed by a rostered director.
 12:30 pm4:00 pm Rostered Partner Session. You may come without a Partner.
Directed by John Bayly
WEDNESDAY12:30 pm4:00 pmThe third Wednesday of the month will be Swiss Pairs format.
Directed by Peter Stephenson or Graham Milward
 7:00 pm10:00 pmNOVICE Session (<100 Masterpoints)
Directed by Graham Milward
THURSDAY12:30 pm4:00 pmDirected by Peter Wilson or John Ruane
 7:00 pm10:00 pmDirected by Peter Stephenson
FRIDAY12.30 pm4.00 pmNOVICE Session (<100 Masterpoints) and Open Session.
Directed by Gwen Kremer
SATURDAY12.30 pm4.00 pmDirected by John Bayly or Ted Roscoe
 8.30 am11.45 amLessons and supervised play with Christine Jenkins. On last Saturday of the month a Green point session Restricted to players under 15 Masterpoints.
SUNDAY12.30 pm4.00 pmCome without a partner Session.
Directed by Gwen Kremer, Ted Roscoe or John Ruane

Table fees - members $5.00, visitors $10.00.
Players must be seated 10 minutes prior to the starting time. Finishing times are approximate.
If you need of a partner please ring the coordinator De'arn Alexander 0422 868 121